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Recent Engagements

We provide shareholder engagement and proxy voting services for individuals, investment firms, foundations, faith-based investors and impact investors. We also consult to foundations and NGOs on a variety of shareholder advocacy, environmental and social issues.


Recent shareholder engagement and consulting:

  • Developed shareholder engagement plan for the Women’s Inclusion Project. Conduct shareholder dialogues and file resolutions on gender pay gap, board diversity, and workplace diversity at Alphabet, Microsoft, and Pfizer, among a dozen others.

  • Developed shareholder engagement plan to support Low-Income Communities, and coordinated bank dialogues on mortgage loan, bank foreclosure, and predatory lending.

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  • Developed shareholder engagement plan, conduct dialogues and file resolutions on environmental and social impacts from coal, oil and natural gas operations including the Alberta tar sands, coal impacts in Lamu, Kenya, and offshore gas drilling in Israel.

  • Conduct shareholder dialogues and file resolutions on Indigenous Peoples Rights, fossil fuel financing and bank lending policies at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase.

  • Conducted and/or consulted on numerous foundation and NGO shareholder engagements including hydraulic fracturing, carbon asset risk, mining impacts, GMOs, nanofoods, forced labor, tobacco, sustainability/SASB reporting, and environmental health, among others.

  • Coordinated NGO outreach to large institutional investors and pension funds regarding financial risks related to palm oil environmental and human rights impacts.

  • Conduct shareholder dialogues and file resolutions on Child Sexual Exploitation Online at Facebook, Apple, Verizon and Sprint, among others.

  • Developed Executive Compensation Shareholder Engagement Strategy that served as the basis for a foundation’s new program area.

  • Developed foundation ESG proxy voting guidelines.

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